Presentation Software to help "Sell the Concept"

Klark Software is a simple, proven point of sale tool that uses color graphics to clearly illustrate the value and benefit of life insurance to clients. Since 1993 our software has featured a short learning curve, simple interface and concise output. It allows you to efficiently create customized, professional looking presentations with ease. Klark Software is used to teach clients about the fundamental concepts of Personal, Business and Estate Planning and engage them in the decision making process. Easy to use, easy to understand.The simplicity of Klark Software is its strength.

Here are a few proposal areas in our program from which you can create presentations for your clients:

You can watch our "Getting Started" video to learn about how easy it is to use Klark Software.

*Demo Programs*
For interested parties, we offer a 30 day demo of our Business, Estate, and Personal Planning Programs. The demo is a full, working version of each program allowing you to create proposals to use in your presentations. There is no cost, nor obligation with the demo and training is included. The training you will teach you how to navigate around the software and how proposals are used in the field. The initial training session lasts about 45 minutes. You may order the demo program only once annually. To order a demo, contact us at (800) 289-5774 or email your request to

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