Technical Support

Supporting our clients is a primary goal of our company. Responding to your questions quickly, whether about Klark Software or technical in nature, is a vital part of our service to you. In addition, if you have a question about Klark Software being used in one of your life cases, feel free to contact us and we will help you determine if we are a fit.

Training is available if you want to learn how to navigate the software and understand how proposals are used in the field. The initial training session lasts about 45 minutes. Additional training is available as well. We are available for one on one training via the phone or online sessions for Agencies. Contact us at (800) 289-5774 or if you want to schedule training.

Klark Software sales tips are emailed to clients and prospects on a regular basis. These tips will help you learn how the program is used in the field. A sample sales tip of our "Provide" proposal can be found below.

Training Videos: Klark Proposal Basics

We also offer some training videos that you can watch online or download to view offline. In most browsers, click the play button to play the video online or Right-Click and select Save Video As... to save the video on your computer.

Getting Started with Klark

This video covers some of the basics of using the Klark program. The main features of the program are explained as well as how to print and preview your proposals.

Creating a New Case

Learn to set up and save a new case for your prospect or client in Klark Software.

Save and Loading Cases, Email Proposals as PDF Files

Klark supports saving and loading cases for your clients and printing to PDF files as well as to a printer. This video shows how you can manage those cases and print to PDF to easily email your proposals to a client.

Training Videos: Tips For Using Specific Proposals

Juvenile Planning

When meeting with parents, Klark Software offers a number of proposals that can be used to discuss concepts for juvenile planning. They are Gift of a Lifetime, Effects of Waiting, ABCD Comparison and College Funding.

Term Conversion

Klark Software's ABCD Comparison proposal clearly shows your client the option of converting their term insurance. It allows you to illustrate your client's present term product side by side with the permanent plans you propose they convert to. You can show the values of each policy for the time period, 10 years, 20 years 30 years out, of your choice based on the illustrations you create for each plan. The values shown are the Death Benefit, Cash Value and Total Outlay or Total Premium paid. The resulting proposal will simply illustrate your client options for converting their Term Policy.

Cover Page

Learn how to customize and save Cover Page information for you and your client.

Effects of Waiting

Use the Effects of Waiting proposal to emphasize the merits of purchasing a whole life contract at a younger age. It is important for your client to understand the nature of permanent insurance and why, if they wait to purchase a permanent product, there is a "cost" to waiting. Not only in terms of a higher annual premiums and reduced future policy values but also the possibility that a change in one's health may result in becoming uninsurable.

ABCD Comparison

This is an excellent proposal for comparing the relative values of up to four plans side by side. You may show variations on an individual product, for example, using a dividend to fund the death benefit versus reducing premium, or display different product types side-by-side. It can also be used for term conversions, to illustrate the policy growth of a permanent plan, educating a client about premium modes and how additional premium affects the value and benefit in a permanent plan.

Disability Income

Use this proposal to simplify the recommendation of additional disability coverage. It is a before-and-after proposal that quantifies what percentage of their income is presently covered versus the coverage you recommend. We've had numerous users tell us that by referring to colors only, your client will track with you during the presentation.

Discounted Dollars

Discounted Dollars illustrates the leverage of a permanent insurance contract by showing how a significantly large, tax free sum of money can be funded by a relatively small outlay. The presentation will illustrate a customized timeline comparing the death benefit, premiums paid and a sinking fund financed by the annual premium amount. The idea being that you can buy permanent coverage for pennies on the dollar and that even if you take into account the cost of money, nothing beats permanent life insurance for generating tax free dollars over the long haul.

Human Life Value

Your Human Life Value is the present value of your career earnings. Klark Software will calculate your client's career earnings and then bring that number back to its present value or Human Life Value. Our program will then apply your client's present amount of life Insurance to their Human Life Value which will calculate what percentage of their Human Life Value is covered by life insurance. A low percentage could indicate the need for additional life insurance.

Long Term Care Costs

Klark Software's Long Term Care / LTC Proposal simply educates clients about the cost difference between self insuring or self funding their own LTC versus purchasing LTC insurance.

Provide Walk-Through

The Provide ? proposal shows the depletion of capital given five simple assumptions. It powerfully illustrates how long a specified amount of capital will last before being entirely depleted. Use it to show how long an insurance death benefit would replace the earning potential of an individual or how long an income may be expected for retirement purposes. Provide ? will help your client visualize the timeline of the benefit their capital provides.

Retirement Profile

Qualified assets are the primary means for funding most retirement programs. This proposal helps you show your client a "snapshot" of how well those qualified assets are funding their retirement goals. Because this proposal deals with just one asset type, it is possible to calculate the annual percentage needed to be saved for the remaining working years to achieve their retirement goal. Just keep in mind, in this simple proposal, we are limiting ourselves only to qualified assets.

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