"Klark Software has been a tremendously strong tool for me for over 20 years. It takes complicated messages and simply breaks them down so that our clients track easily with tough conversations. In my qualified plan practice, there is no better tool then the Retirement Profile to help an employee understand what percentage of income needs to be saved to reach their retirement goal. The Retirement Profile answers one of the hardest questions employee’s have. “What do I need save to do in order to meet my retirement goal?”"
- Greg Lavin, CLU, CRPS
  Fond Du Lac, WI

"We have used Klark for over 10 years as an agency and have found it extremely useful in closing many different types of cases. The clean, crisp presentations are easy to explain to clients to help them make a buying decision. I would highly recommend Klark to any professional in the financial services/insurance industry!"
- Phil Stackowicz, FICF
  South Bend, IN

"Klark Software helps make concept selling come alive! The graphics are great and the “Tips” and “Red Letter Language” suggestions are a huge benefit."
- Tom Adamson, FIC, CLU, ChFC, CFFM
  Naperville, IL

"How much Life Insurance do I need? Is the most common question people ask about life insurance. If you think about it, most people carry full coverage on their cars and boats, they have a full replacement policy on their homes. But what about a full replacement policy on their LIFE? Klark software has a powerful, yet easy to use Human Life Value Proposal that will enable you to show your clients how much life insurance they really need. It will help you write much larger policies and protect the families in your book of business."
- Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC, CASL
  Fountain Hills, AZ

"I have been a long time user of Klark Proposal Software and found it to be easy to use, simple and well received by clients and prospects."
- Luther J. Hagen, CFP
  Apple Valley, MN

"I have used Klark Software for many years. It has been useful and handy in many financial situations with clients. The visual charts and graphs add an extra touch in helping to educate our families. Please check it out!"
- Chad McAuliff, FICF, FSCP, RICP
  Broken Arrow, OK

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