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"A must for the business planning market. It's simple, it works."
- Robert L. Fecitt, MBA, CLU, ChFC
   Carmel, IN

"What used to take pages upon pages of illustrations in order to present a concept is now reduced to one neat and concise page backed up by necessary illustrations for compliance. It certainly makes our job easier."
- Patrick L. McNair, CLU
   Imperial, NE

"I used your software for many years as a personal producer to communicate complex financial concepts to my prospects. As a General Agent I find myself using your software to communicate these same financial concepts to my new agents. It is that good. Keep it up!"
- Tony Pascazio
   Somerville, NJ

"It's a fabulous program and very user friendly."
- Jacques Gibbs
   Minneapolis, MN

"Professional presentation which is easy to understand, yet sophisticated enough for the advanced market."
- Mike McGill, CLU, ChFC
   Chicago, IL

"In my opinion, the graphs developed by Klark Software are the best available to facilitate our objective of quickly and clearly communicating ideas to our clients."
- Thomas C. Lattimer
   Wausau, WI

"Klark Software is easy to understand. It communicates difficult concepts in a simple manner. We use it all the time."
- Mike Trapani, CLU, ChFC
   Los Angeles, CA

"The Klark Proposal Software is great!! I use the graphics in explaining concepts on an understandable level. It is easy to use - just plug in the numbers!! I found it well worth the investment."
- Thomas H. Weilert, CLU, ChFC
   Irving, TX

"Your color graphics program has been the best tool that we have used in many, many years. Your program has allowed us to separate ourselves from other agents in providing what people tell us are 'the most professional looking proposals' they have ever seen."
- Ed Knox, CLU
   Coconut Grove, FL

"You have given us the ability to simplify somewhat complex and confusing life insurance proposals into clear and concise graphics. Your ideas and proposals have been a wonderful addition to our insurance practice."
- Ira M. Hermann
   Orange, CA

"I have found that your software is helpful and user friendly. It has been a tremendous asset to our organization and it helps us to prepare, what I consider to be, professional looking proposals which are quick and easy for the client to understand. Also, I want you to understand that your constant improvements have made your product even more valuable to us over the last couple of years."
- Timothy P. Murray, CLU, ChFC
   Cincinnati, OH

"This material is an absolute must for any agent. The comments which we have received from our clients have been outstanding."
- Steven A. Kalin, CLU
   Minneapolis, MN

"Your materials have been very helpful to me in increasing my term conversions by almost 50%."
- Louis E. Hyman, CLU
   Baltimore, MD

"Klark Software is not only easy for my clients to understand and motivational to them - the other advisors (Attorneys and CPA's) are impressed."
- Donald B. Baker, CLU
   Troy, MI

"Klark Software produces the best visual material I have ever seen, or used. Prospects and clients can easily grasp complex ideas. This software makes the sales process fun and exciting."
- Jim Bockemuehl, CLU, ChFC
   Spokane, WA